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Research & Development for Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Concrete Cathodic Protection

Corrosion is a degradation process which represents a constant threat to the integrity and durability of infrastructure assets. Corrosion control measures, when properly designed and executed, can lower the effects of the corrosion process to acceptable levels.

Technology engineering in the field of corrosion protection and prevention is not just a cost, but also an opportunity to increase the life and value of an asset.

Since inception, Remedial Technology has been involved in many research programs with the aim developing the best practices for the design and application of corrosion prevention measures for infrastructure maintenance and rehabilitation.

Our research aims to reduce the risk of using unproven products and systems for infrastructure rehabilitation applications. Our research findings are made available to assets owners and contractors in order to improve their services and optimise the delivering the optimum corrosion protection systems for infrastructure rehabilitation.

Our research programs focus on under-researched areas at the global and national level related to infrastructure rehabilitation and cathodic protection applications and technology.

Some of the key areas of our research programs include:

  • Development of a procedure for the verification of grout encapsulation of discrete anodes in concrete.

  • Design of centralised spacer for discrete anode installation in concrete.

  • Development of encapsulation details to eliminate grout acidification for anodes installed in tidal and splash zones for bridges and wharves.

  • Development of the first global industrial control system using non-proprietary open-source software for cathodic protection. The system incorporates independent functions for full manual operation, remote functionality, and full control system functionality.

  • Data analysis of the long-term residual effect of cathodic protection following the interruption or cessation of cathodic protection current delivery. The research work encompassed laboratory experimental work combined with data extracted from real-world cathodic protection applications.

  • Ongoing major research work related to the long-term resistivity of polymer modified mortars and their impact on the performance of cathodic protection systems. The aim of the research is to help the industry to develop polymer modified repair products which can maintain long-term resistivity suitable for use in conjunction with galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection systems.



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