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Remedial Technology is a provider of consultancy services for the repair, rehabilitation and prevention of corrosion in reinforced concrete and steel structures. The company’s aim is to develop innovative and cost effective solutions to meet our client’s needs and their unique project requirements.

Deterioration of structures is a complex process. Developing cost effective and lasting solutions requires a combination of in-depth diagnostic knowledge, expertise in developing and implementing practical solutions and knowledge in the latest rehabilitation and corrosion control technologies.

A basic understanding of the causes of the problem and adoption of generic solutions for the entire structure using generic specifications is not the answer in most cases. The real challenge is to develop a comprehensive structure-specific strategy for the rehabilitation process. This strategy must be based on a true understanding of the problem in each part of the structure. It involves the development of tailored solutions, undertaking pilot projects to verify these solutions and the preparation of a detailed specification that can deliver the most cost effective and technically sound treatment. As a result, a more comprehensive investment to develop adequate and proven solutions for the structure leads to less contract variations, avoidance of long delays, elimination of disputes and the reduction of unnecessary and costly work.

Our clients are contractors, consultants, building owners, strata managers, government authorities, road and ports authorities and councils. We operate in the building, marine, civil and industrial sectors.

Regardless of which sector we operate in and which task we perform, our primary aim is to provide smart solutions that give our clients the edge. In every case, we look beyond the simple resolution of the engineering task to ensure that we provide intelligent, buildable, long lasting, cost effective and low maintenance solutions. 

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