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Residential Buildings

What is needed to repair concrete defects in residential buildings? 

It is important to understand the specific requirements of strata managers, body corporates, managing agents and tenants with regard to approval of the repair process, arranging access for inspection or repair, and providing value added solutions that can be executed quickly and with minimal disturbance to the building occupiers.

For all general defects such as concrete cracking and spalling, we offer a general low-cost preliminary inspection and report. The inspection can be done in one day and, for relatively routine simple work, the inspection report may include a specification and budget estimate for the repair work.

For more complex problems such as spalling caused by magnesite floor topping or concrete spalling and cracking on balconies and other external elements of the building, especially for buildings exposed to sea water environment, a more detailed electrochemical testing would be required to identify appropriate remedial options and develop a repair specification.

Our services include:

  • Concrete condition assessment

  • Concrete repair and coating specification

  • Magnesite floor repair specification

  • Tendering services

  • Contract administration

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