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What is a concrete condition assessment?

Before any repair work is undertaken, it is essential that the main causes and the extent of defects are properly identified. This will clear the way for the most cost-effective and technically sound repair solution to be specified.


While carrying out a site investigation appears to be a straightforward exercise, it is our experience that this is a critical task that should be carried out by personnel experienced in concrete survey and investigative techniques. The experience and knowledge of the personnel carrying out the condition assessment will substantially optimise the concrete and repair strategy to be employed.  

Access to a structure can, in some cases, be a major component of the overall cost of the site investigation work. While on-site, performing the correct testing and gathering the required information to formulate the remediation options and maintenance strategy has to be completed while access is available. In some cases, undertaking trial applications to verify the proposed repair strategy can be incorporated in the assessment process.

Remedial Technology personnel have extensive experience in:

  • Diagnostic investigations for all concrete corrosion related problems.


  • Development of options for repair strategies including cost estimates.


  • Implementing trial applications to validate the recommended repair (as part of the process of preparing the technical specification).


Remedial Technology uses the latest state-of-the-art equipment for non-destructive corrosion testing and assessment.


A typical diagnostic investigation includes visual inspection, cover to reinforcement testing, delamination testing, chemical analysis of concrete for chloride, sulphate and cement content, carbonation testing, alkali aggregate reaction testing, resistivity testing, compressive strength analysis, and potential mapping.

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