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Our Difference

Experience and Expertise

Over the past 25 years, we have provided corrosion prevention and remediation solutions to some of the most complex deterioration problems in concrete and steel structures. Our experience includes the design and installation of the corrosion prevention system to the Sydney Opera House broadwalk support structure, provision of corrosion solutions for some of the largest ports and bridges in Australia, repair and corrosion protection for high rise buildings and delivery of  large scale cathodic protection and prevention systems to infrastructure projects in China and India.


Cost Effective and Low Maintenance Solutions

We understand the importance of delivering the best solutions at the lowest possible cost. We also understand the cost of complex and expensive maintenance. We strive to develop practical, low cost, low maintenance and long lasting remediation solutions.


Single Point Accountability

Remedial Technology offers single point accountability for the delivery of all aspects of the remediation process including assessment, design, design verification, specification, supervision and maintenance. 



We build close relationships with our clients enabling us to understand their needs and requirements. In addition, we have a global network of associates with high levels of expertise and extensive experience in various aspects of infrastructure rehabilitation and corrosion control. By efficiently using our global network of experts and understanding the needs and requirements of our clients, we can always create better value and meet our client’s expectations.

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