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For many years, the principal of Remedial Technology has been actively involved at national and international levels with professional institutes and various companies and experts in all areas of corrosion control and infrastructure rehabilitation. This involvement has led to the development of a network of associates who have the highest level of expertise in the specific fields associated with our business.

Our associate network enhances our current skill base with additional expertise in the areas of materials technology and structural engineering with a special emphasis on structural durability and strengthening, structural health monitoring and corrosion control.

Our team in Remedial Technology in conjunction with various professional organisations and professionals in Australia and around the world will be able to deliver to our customers a wide range of solutions in all aspects of remediation services and corrosion control.

At Remedial Technology, we care about delivering excellent service and cost effective solutions. For special applications where we don’t have the most suitable or up to date in-house expertise, we can meet our clients’ requirements by working together with our associates.

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