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Desalination & Realkalisation

What is desalination and realkalisation of concrete?

Desalination (chloride extraction) and realkalisation of reinforced concrete structures are well proven technologies for the long term corrosion protection of structures suffering from chloride contamination or carbonation.

Prior to carrying out desalination or realkalisation, a detailed pre-design survey of the structure should be undertaken. This survey would normally include a visual inspection, carbonation analysis, chloride analysis, delamination survey, reinforcement continuity and alkali aggregate reaction testing. Normally, the system design would include concrete repair specification, system zoning, sampling and testing requirements prior to the realkalisation/desalination process, selection of anode material and electrolyte, current requirement and performance monitoring.

By using desalination or realkalisation, there is no need for further monitoring of the structure. Providing that the treatment is designed and executed properly, maintenance free and long term corrosion protection can be achieved. 


At Remedial Technology, we have in house expertise in undertaking the pre-design electrochemical survey, system design (including specification preparation), trial application for design verification purposes and technical supervision for desalination and realkalisation projects.


Our services include:

  • Electrochemical pre-design survey

  • Specification preparation

  • Trial application

  • Installation supervision

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