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Remedial Technology Gives a New Lease of Life to Historic Military Structures

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

One of Remedial Technology’s most compelling projects recently has been the concrete investigation work undertaken at the Fort Complex on Magnetic Island, near Townsville Queensland.

This work was of especially high importance to the Magnetic Island community, local and state governments, and the structures (known as the ‘Fort ruins’) are protected under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992. 

The project involved a condition assessment and preparation of a specification for the restoration of the Artillery Command Post & Range Finder, and the Command Post & Signal Station buildings which are both strategically positioned on elevated ground on Magnetic Island.

These structures were the Royal Australian Artillery Garrison’s coastal batteries and operated from 1943 until the end of the Pacific War in 1945. The installations were built to protect the city and port of Townsville from any incoming attack during WW2. Today, the structures are unique and one of the few such examples of fortifications seen on Queensland’s coastline.

Due to the heritage protected status of the structures, nondestructive electrochemical testing including half cell potential mapping, Schmidt Hammer testing and resistivity testing were implemented during the condition assessment of the structures. In addition, a special philosophy was adopted for the repair work based on using concrete repair in conjunction with electrochemical corrosion protection systems to minimise and limit the extent of concrete breakout on these heritage structures.

The upgrade work was successfully completed and these historic structures will continue to be open to tourists visiting the national park at Magnetic Island for many years to come.



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