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Remedial Technology Launches CPMS

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

CPMS (Cathodic Protection Management System) is a systematic, reliable and long term management tool for the monitoring and maintenance of impressed current cathodic protection systems.

Impressed current cathodic protection (CP) for reinforced concrete and steel structures is a proven technology which can provide long term corrosion prevention solutions for marine structures. The main issue associated with the long term performance and maintenance cost of CP systems is establishing an efficient, simple, reliable and permanent monitoring and maintenance program, especially when monitoring multiple systems or large CP installations.

Remedial Technology’s extensive experience in all aspects related to cathodic protection systems, including design, installations, monitoring & maintenance of various types of control systems, has allowed us to develop CPMS, a system which incorporates all of the key aspects associated with delivering reliable, cost effective, long term and efficient maintenance and monitoring of multiple assets protected by CP installations.

CPMS combines the development of a database for the management of CP systems with a comprehensive program for maintenance. This program incorporates monitoring, routine inspections of the structures, defect rectification of CP components and T/R units, rectification of all defects of the structures and provision of updated status reports to owners for maintenance planning.

The components of CPMS are:

  • Database of CP systems’ data which is required for long term maintenance and monitoring: This includes performance criteria, specific functional and performance forms for each individual system and test and work method statements for rectification work;

  • A Key Information Data Set for each individual system incorporating key system information, relevant as-built construction and electrical drawings and operation manuals;

  • Annual consolidated inspection and monitoring program: This program includes functional and performance checks for each CP system and an annual site specific inspection check for each structure; and

  • Annual consolidated maintenance report: incorporating all required maintenance requirements for each structure.

The primary function of the CPMS is to provide a platform for a simple, cost effective, reliable and long-term maintenance and monitoring program for an individual CP system or multiple systems. This includes ensuring the continuous delivery of the cathodic protection current to the structure(s) at all times; providing a platform for owners to verify the status of all functional, performance and monitoring checks for each individual structure; and provide a simple, consolidated and updated status report to owners for maintenance planning.